Mixed-use masterpieces.

  • Core customer market segmentation & psychographics
  • Customized geofencing trade area delineation
  • Competitive landscape visuals
  • Market void analysis
  • Success correlation analysis
  • Drive time & intersection-based demographic scoring models
What People are Saying
“Edge has been instrumental in expanding our Athleta brand in targeted markets. Their vast knowledge of individual markets, including day-to-day shopping patterns of consumers, has been invaluable in our growth plans, helping to ensure we choose the best locations to meet our customers where they live and work. Additionally, they have developed relationships with landlords based on experience and trust, which aids in gaining speed to market. It has been a pleasure to work with the Edge team throughout the past few years.”
Lori Scroggins
Director of Real Estate at Gap, Inc.
“Working with the Edge team has been integral in successfully rolling out our brand to the DFW area. We feel we’ve been afforded an opportunity to be part of some very successful developments due to their intimate market knowledge. As we continue to grow our footprint across the Metroplex, we look forward to continuing our work with Edge and its partners.”
Shane Adams
COO at Organetheory Fitness