Size20,000 - 30,000 sf
ContactGreg Bracchi, Chase Mirza

GameWorks is an esports and entertainment destination built around the central theme of gaming, both competitively and for amusement.

We believe that everyone loves games and that’s why we offer hundreds of game options so that everyone can find a game they love. Since our first location opened in Seattle in 1997, we have delivered on unrivaled gaming entertainment options and an unforgettable experience for millions of guests. Over the years, the games have changed and how gamers play those games has also changed, but our commitment to being a leader in esports and gaming entertainment has never been stronger!

GameWorks was originally created as a joint creative endeavor by Sega, Universal Studios and DreamWorks. From day one, GameWorks was intentionally designed to maximize a uniquely fun guest experiences, as Steven Spielberg of DreamWorks put it:
“GameWorks is about fun, excitement, competition and bringing people together. It is also about escape, adventure and connecting.” He continued “It gives each person a chance to prove he or she is a star.”

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