The Expanding Edge

Story contributed by: Paul Bartlett, Lea Clay Park and Stephanie Skrbin of Edge Realty Partners

While others consolidate, Edge Realty Partners is actively looking for opportunities to grow our team, clients and market presence.

“Adapt or die” is a common refrain uttered among retail professionals the nation over – and for good reason – because it’s true! The retail industry used to be about keeping it novel, providing great customer service and curating the appropriate mix of product. These strategies still hold strong, but today’s shopping environment requires more.

In today’s environment, retailers must take their skills to the next level by incorporating an omnichannel approach that addresses not only the in-store, but online, mobile and curbside needs of shoppers. This approach also involves a reverence for data. The past days of getting deals done with “gut feeling” alone are long gone.


Strategic Growth

The one thing that has remained true through all this (pandemic included) is that real estate fundamentals are still as important as ever. That’s why Edge Realty Partners has taken a good, hard look at where our clients are, where they want to be, and where we can adapt and grow our team strategically.

Through collaboration and our collective approach, we create value for all stakeholders – clients, third-party partners and our internal team. We have three offices in Texas specializing in property leasing, tenant representation, land disposition, development and investment sales. We see an opportunity to capitalize on changes within the industry and to take advantage, we are now expanding in Southern California.

Originally based in Lake Forest, Edge Realty Partners has now grown to three Southern California offices, allowing us to broaden our reach and accommodate a wider breadth of clients. Our Lake Forest office recently expanded and relocated to Irvine, while we debuted new offices in Hermosa Beach and Solana Beach just last month.

At a time when many within the retail industry are pausing, downsizing or closing up operations, Edge Realty Partners is taking a different approach. We believe this is the ideal time to build our platform and reach, but we’re doing so in a thoughtful manner.

First, it’s imperative to rely upon your data and corresponding analytics to dictate your next move. That’s true for retailers, and it’s true for commercial real estate firms. This data-driven approach has allowed Edge Realty Partners to represent more than 250 tenants, close 10 million square feet of commercial space and participate in $1.5 billion worth of development, while completing more than $6 billion in investment sales. And we’re just getting started.


Adding Key Components

In today’s retailing, data is plentiful, but it’s what you do with that data along with attracting key personnel, that really drives strategic decisions and defines who you are as a company. That’s why Edge Realty Partners is so proud to announce the addition of Stephanie Skrbin, a 17-year veteran of the retail industry specializing in tenant and landlord representation.

Stephanie will leverage her market knowledge, long-term relationships, and expertise with data analysis and strategic planning to recommend the best solutions for her clients’ individual goals. As a principal of Edge Realty Partner’s Southern California division, Stephanie will oversee the in-house leasing of regional shopping malls and investment sales, as well as source development opportunities. She’s completed more than $600 million in transactions over her career, a number we see growing exponentially as Stephanie collaborates with our in-house team, partners and clients.

Our core values at Edge Realty are open, fresh, passionate and fair. Stephanie embodies all four and brings with her tremendous retail experience, including her time at Avison Young where she served as principal and head of the firm’s Retail Affinity Group.

We’ll continue to utilize our collaborative approach to assist all of our clients, many of whom are now navigating covid-related challenges like limited capacities, lockdown of indoor dining rooms and complete closures for a period of time.

We feel their pain and we want them to know Edge Realty Partners stands right beside them. This means keeping an open line of communication, utilizing data and analytics to their full extent and taking a proactive, collaborative approach whenever possible. One example of what we’re doing is to personally support our restaurant clients by sending out email blasts that include the eatery’s logo, a few photos and a direct link to their website menu, along with any special instructions for placing an order.

We’re excited about our expansion, but we know we can’t – and didn’t – get there alone. One of the best things commercial real estate firms can do for their clients is show up now and offer their resources in a time of need.

We will continue to do this, just as we’ll continue to source the best opportunities for growth and the brightest people for our team as we expand in a meaningful way.